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Kawaii Kei
Tel: 0518-420715
The trade name: Kawaii Kei h / o Art View
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Our business address: De Roef 1 9074DH Hallum
Chamber of Commerce: 27163471
VAT: NL001270690B66


For years I have been fascinated by the concept kawaii. Here it is often translated by cute but kawaii is so much more.

As Manami Irona indicates in her booklet Tokyo Kawaii Shopping: "The adjective," Kawaii "we use includes a meaning lovable." In the book "Kawaii! Japan's culture of cute" is a more extensive explanation. Nowadays, 'Kawaii' is a complimentary adjective applied in mind-bogglingly varied ways: it is synonymous with beautiful, loveble, suiteble, addictive, cool, funny, ugly but endearing, quirky and gross. As long as it softens the heart it will be called kawaii.
It means indeed cute but also everything that is peculiar and we love that.

Who are we ?

He (Ed, a crazy old guy;), a passionate entrepreneur with a lot of experience. I (Myneke, weird woman;), a creative person with a training in textile arts. We both have a pasion for not only Kawaii Kei (Cute Lifestyle), but also for quality and craftsmanship. That is why we run a small workshop in Hallum together. What we make and purchase there we share with the world via our website.

A Japanese name

We have opted for the name Kawaii Kei because in our eyes that kind of covers what we sell. The term Kawaii is becoming more and more familiar and thus recognizable what kind of articles we sell. It is also a Japanese name. This is because we have a more than average interest in Japanese culture but also because craftsmanship in Japan is kept alive.


Not only the right information about us but also good product information is important to us. That is why our products are equipped with professional photos and as much information as possible on the site.
We also receive information from you, of course. We use the information you give us only for the processing of your order. Unless you sign up for the newsletter, we will save your email address to send you the newsletter.

You have now seen and read who we are. If you still have questions, feel free to email us and you will receive an answer from us within 24 hours.

We hope that you mark our website in your favorites and visit us often.

A Kawaii greeting,

Ed en Myneke

Ed van  Myneke van